Superdeck Usage

Where the Preston Superdeck can be used:

a) On any building floor, from 1 storey to 120 storeys, or more, or any place where there is an elevated floor.

b) Average number used on site:

  • Up to 5 storeys – 5
  • Up to 10 storeys – 6-10
  • Up to 20 storeys – 10-15
  • Up to 50 storeys – 15-30
  • Up to 60 storeys – 30-40
  • Over 60 storeys – 40-60

c) The Preston Superdeck will also provide overhead protection, scaffold or formwork support and bridges, just to name a few other uses.

d) The Preston Superdeck is also suitable for chemical/petroleum or steel frame building structures.

Preston Superdeck will save you time, and therefore money

a) The Preston Superdeck is inexpensive, it creates huge savings in time, labour costs and crane time.

b) The saving of one hour’s crane time a week by using a Preston Superdeck will over compensate you for one week’s hire of the Preston Superdeck based on the hourly cost of the crane, one driver and two riggers (banksmen or dogmen) or signalmen.

c) Consider the cost of the Preston Superdeck, look at the savings, the cost benefits and the efficiency.

d) Used effectively, Preston Superdeck will in crease the use of the onsite crane by more than 20 hours per week, equating to a greater rate of return on the crane investment, higher job efficiency and timetable creating savings across all aspects of the project.

Containers and pallets increases efficiency and profits

a) By using palletised or containerised building material and lifting it on a Preston Superdeck the builder will save thousands of dollars in labour, a further substantial saving in time and money. It is the fastest and most efficient system for delivery of building material to a building floor, and it can also be used to remove the construction rubbish or waste back down to the ground.

b) The use of an electric forklift or pallet truck on each floor will further increase efficiency.

The Site Crane

a) The Preston Superdeck will substantially reduce slewing (side to side movement) and jibbing (up and down movement).

b) The Preston Superdeck is even more efficient used as a system of multiple units on every floor under construction installed vertically one on top of the other allowing closure and weatherproofing of the building façade for the finishing tradesman.

c) The Preston Superdeck reduces crane time to lift material on and off floors.

d) The Preston Superdeck improves the efficiency of the man and material hoist by not using the hoist to lift the heavy, bulky building materials.

e) Waiting time for the man and material hoist is reduced to minutes because all heavy, bulky and long building material is not loaded into the hoist and is lifted by crane in pallets or containers on a Superdeck directly from the truck below to a building floor level. That is efficiency, good planning and can save a lot of money.


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