Saving you money – Lots of it
  1. On average using a Preston Superdeck will save 2 to 3 hours per day of crane time.
  2. Crane efficiency may be increased by over 300% when using a Preston Superdeck.
  3. What does this mean in savings to the builder?

It is impossible to quantify the savings in euros, because all jobs, circumstances and efficiency are different on each project. But savings can be calculated if you have the relevant details:

a) If the crane efficiency is increased over 300% and you save 2 to 3 hours of crane time per day, what does this equate to?

b) Savings continue on the whole project even after the Preston Superdeck is removed due to flow on the cost saving and benefits

c) Saving on the cost of the crane plus driver and riggers (dogmen or banksmen) per hour

d) Saving from being able to land up to 5 tonnes of building material, equipment, forklift, pallet trucks, scissor lift, scaffolding etc… on any floor

e) Savings from faster delivery of material to all floors

f) Associated savings from having less time on site of trucks, associated personnel and other equipment

g) Tradesmen move on to the next job quicker

h) Savings from the ability to deliver bigger, bulkier and long loads per crane lift, per floor directly from the truck below

i) Saving on the cost of rubbish removal from the floors

j) Savings from reducing delays to all trades, timetables and schedules

All the above equating to a total budget saving as the project is finalised prior to the scheduled timetable.

What does all this mean in potential savings?

a. The overall cost saving on a job can potentially be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

b. Multiple benefits and cost savings, more than what you will pay to hire or buy a Preston Superdeck

c. Many major builders on jobs of all sizes use the Preston Superdeck because the Preston Superdeck is an innovative tool and a leader in their field.


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